Delete Facebook Account

If you're Delete Facebook Account, then here you will find a complete guide for doing that. Social networking has actually inhabited a great deal of part of our lives. So, it's a good idea to obtain out from it and have a life. So, today I will tell you the best ways to permanently erase a Facebook account.

However, on the other hand, do remember that, after doing this, you will lose your friends, older posts, updates from your favorite pages, etc. And you will not be able to see all this again, once you have asked for to erase your account.

Delete Facebook Account

Del fb account

When you delete a Facebook account completely, following things will take place:.

- You will unable to restore access to your Facebook profile.
- The account removal procedure can use up to 2 weeks and if you login to your account in between the process, then the account removal will be canceled.
- Your activity log, messages, etc. will remain in the Facebook's database. I do not know why, but they will.
- Your buddies and family will miss you.

So, now you need to have comprehended exactly what Facebook account removal means. If you are all right, then proceed further to learn the total guide on the best ways to do that.

How to Completely Delete a Facebook Account?

You will not find the choice to permanently delete a Facebook account in the settings area. To do this, there is a different link given up the help center. You can reach there, using the following link. And after that, enter your password and struck the Delete my account button.

Now, after clicking on the delete button, it will open another turn up where you will have to verify your account removal by entering your account password and captcha text. Next, struck the OKAY button and the process of account deletion is completed.
Del fb account

Now, to erase the account permanently, you will not need to login in your account for the next 2 Week. If you do so, then the account removal request will be canceled.

After going through the above guide, you will be easily able to Delete Facebook Account. The process for doing that is really simple even if you are a novice, you will manage it. Once again I wish to remind you that deleting a Facebook account a major decision, you need to be really sure prior to doing this. It is very different from deactivating your account and there's no returning. And obviously, your buddies will miss you too.