How to Delete Facebook Contacts From iPhone

As much as I wish to integrate my Facebook contacts into my iPhone, the entire thing in fact breaks down, ends up being a mess when I try. You wind up having numerous entries in the contacts app that finding the best one becomes difficult.

For all of you who attempted to incorporated Facebook contacts and are now thinking that it was a mistake, here's How To Delete Facebook Contacts From Iphone.

How To Delete Facebook Contacts From Iphone

Among the most convenient ways to eliminate or hide the Facebook contacts from appearing in your Contacts is to shut off a switch you'll find in Facebook settings. To do this:

- Open the Settings app
- Tap on Facebook
- Under "Allow These Apps to User Your Account", shut off the switch for Contacts

Go back to your Phone app → Contacts and refresh the contacts list. All those Facebook contacts must be gone now.

Conceal Facebook Contacts From Appearing (Groups)

So we pertain to the next technique which is generally considered an action backwards due to the fact that of its execution in iOS 7 (more on that later).

You have these Groups that you can create and handle. Managing the groups (and their exposure on the Contacts app) was extremely simple with iOS 6. With iOS 7, it gets a number of actions additional.

- Open the Phone app and tap on contacts.
- Now, tap on "Groups" link on the top-right.
- Do you see a "Facebook Contacts" group. You have to turn this off. (Uncheck).
- Tap on Hide All Contacts initially. Then tap on all other groups that you wish to see. -Do not tap on the Facebook group. That's it. (In iOS 6, tapping used to toggle check/uncheck. The implementation is kind of unusual in iOS 7).

Well, that's all we can tell about How To Delete Facebook Contacts From Iphone thanks may be useful.