How to Link Twitter and Facebook

How To Link Twitter And Facebook, Millions of users are in social networking to share their views and to develop new relationships with like minded people. Facebook and twitter are popular in social networking sites. Facebook users update their status on facebook wall to share "Exactly what they have on their mind?" with their good friends. Twitter users do share Texts, Images and Links as Tweets on their Twitter Timeline within 140 characters.

How To Link Twitter And Facebook

Here i have a small overview of link these two platforms and make your task much easier while you connect with your Facebook friends and Twitter Followers. Twitter have a main Twitter App for Facebook to accomplish this job.

Ways To Link Facebook And Twitter?

In Facebook search box type "Twitter" and press Go into. You will get list of apps that has the name "Twitter" in it. Now select "Twitter" that has a description as "App".

Now click "Go to App" in when the page packed with Twitter App for Facebook page.

Step 2.

Then it will ask Request for Permission to utilize this app, click "Enable" and don't worry about your personal privacy and security since this app is created by main Twitter group.

Step 3.

Now your Twitter account is effectively linked with your Facebook account. In App Permissions it will ask permission to post updates in Facebook wall and in Facebook Page that was developed by you. Click "Allow" when it ask consent to post in the wall after you examine it.

Now your Facebook account has successfully gotten in touch with Twitter account and from now on you can update your Facebook wall with your recent Twitter Tweets.

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