How to Make Friends Private On Facebook

How To Make Friends Private On Facebook - It isn't going too far to say that privacy is typically cherished, and valued by the masses. Yet, all too typically, specifically on social networks websites like Facebook, it seems like we're trapped in a glass box, with everybody we understand (as well as people we have actually never met before) looking in. One of the most outright spaces in our Facebook privacy is the reality that anyone can view who we're good friends with if we do not have the proper settings in location.

How To Make Friends Private On Facebook

If this open gain access to makes you uneasy, here's how you can prevent these watchings, and make your pal list personal:

Note: This procedure can deal with PC, in addition to on iPhone/iPad and Android phones using any internet browser, but not on the official Facebook app.

Make good friend list private, so that nobody including your buddies on your Facebook account can see your good friend list.

1. Login to your Facebook account and go to your timeline.

2. From the menus, click on "Pals".

3. Click the Manage button, which appears like a pencil and click "Edit Privacy".

4. From the "Friend List" section and from the "Public" drop down menu, you can manage who can see your buddy list. For example, if you desire to make your good friend list entirely personal, then choose the "Only Me" option.

5. When finished with your settings, click on "Done".

That's it! You now have discovered how to handle your good friend list on Facebook (on PC, iPhone/iPad and Android).

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