How Do I Tag someone In A Facebook Comment

Facebook lets you tag your friends in different ways. For circumstances, you have the ability to identify them in your images, video uploads and status updates. You can also tag them while talking about posts, How Do I Tag Someone In A Facebook Comment.

After tagging somebody, the buddy is alerted and can see or remove your tag, depending on the product's privacy settings. The feature is available in useful when you wish to make certain one of your friends reads your comment.

How Do I Tag Someone In A Facebook Comment

1. Log in to Facebook and position your cursor in the remark field where you want to tag somebody.

2. Type "@" and start typing the individual's name you wish to tag.

3. Click the person's name when it appears in the drop-down menu.

4. Complete typing your message and press "Go into" to send it.


You can also tag somebody without utilizing the "@" sign. Type the individual's name, making sure to utilize appropriate capitalization. When the drop-down menu appears, click the individual's name. If you do not capitalize their name correctly, the drop-down menu will not appear.

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