How to Get My Facebook Password

How To Get My Facebook Password | Facebook does not allow a user to view his password, even when he is logged in. This is a security measure designed to prevent circumstances such as a user on a public computer forgetting to log out and somebody else having the ability to recover the password. If you can't remember your password however can still log in, it is because your browser has actually saved the password. Depending upon the browser you're utilizing, you can sometimes retrieve passwords such as those for Facebook.

How To Get My Facebook Password

If you are using Chrome.

1. Click on 'Customize and control google chrome' option, right wing top of the browser.

This will provide a drop menu.

2. Click settings from the drop down menu, similar window will appear on your screen.

Then click on "Show advanced settings" the last choice.

3. Scroll down to "password and kinds" and click "handle passwords".

4. Which will open all your saved passwords, something like below image.

5. Click "Program" to obtain your password for a specific site, it will request system password and your task is done.

If you are utilizing Firefox the process is same.

1. Click on very same icon as in chrome which will provide menu screen, from there click alternatives.

2. This type of screen will appear.

3. Click "Security" then click "Conserved password" and then "show password".

Task done.

If you are an IE user.

1. Browse for "Credential supervisor" in your system or you can go from Control panel- > User accounts and family security- > Credential supervisor and click on Web qualifications.

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