How to Put Gif On Facebook

How To Put Gif On Facebook, Today i'm here with an easy tutorial which assist you to share Animated GIF Images on Facebook.

By Default Facebook doesn't allow users to publish GIF or Animated Images on Facebook.

Evev If we attempt to submit a.gif image then it is converted into a.jpg by their servers however beyond this there is a possible method by which we can able to post.gif images on facebook.

Although Facebook do not enable users to publish GIF images on Facebook, users can upload GIF images with the aid of some facebook applications. Animated-Pictures is also the very same kind of Facebook application which permit users to publish animated images on their friend's wall.

How To Put Gif On Facebook

Animated-Facebook is also such sort of service which allows us to publish animated gif images on facebook wall.either using the default images on their database or using our own images which are hosted anywhere else by simply getting in the url of the image.
so to develop animated gif images. simply follow the below Steps!!

Ways to publish Animated-picture on Facebook wall:

1. First Login to your Facebook Account.
2. check out the Animated Image application on Facebook.

3. Now as you seen above Screenshot just click the Go to App button so now you will be rerouted to their either pick the default images or you may choose any other images hosted anywhere using the image URL.

4. If you require to publish your animated image, simply click Upload Image then go into the URL of the image. Right after choosing the image, a whole brand-new appear will open up that allow you to make up some text before posting this image.

5. So now you have actually completed Picking your image which you want to share. then Click on the Image And you will see a box like below.

6. At this point simply click on share which's it your entire animated picture will now be live directly on your wall.

This is How you will able to Post Animated GIF images on Facebook.

Even More to Share Animated GIF Images on Facebook. you can also Share MP3 or SWF files on Facebook with this Application.

Just see the Image Below:.

There is one more area that ask you to Put MP3 or SWF.

just select exactly what you wish to share and Put the url in box as the extension with.mp3 or.swf.


After putting url in box. just click image wish to share. and again click on Share as above in step 6.
This is How you can Share Animated GIF images with MP3 or SWF Files.

Thus the article How To Put Gif On Facebook thank you visiting from me hopefully can help you.