Delete A Group On Facebook

Delete A Group On Facebook - To delete a facebook group you should have to delete all group members even you. You can remove each member by click on settings icon under each member but if the group contain 5000 members then? Don't be panic, simply follow the actions provided below.

Step-1: Open your google chrome internet browser and Log In to Facebook.

If you do not have google chrome internet browser, then look for download google chrome web browser or install it from the shop. Now log in to your Facebook account by entering your facebook email and password.

Delete A Group On Facebook

Step-2: Go to your group and click on group Members.

Your groups exist on left side of facebook house page. From all groups, click on your wanted group that you desire to delete.

Step-3: Click on Ctrl+ Shift+ J or F12 on your keyboard.

This is essential for finding Console choice to enter our javascript code. By this javascript code, we will remove our all facebook group members That are necessary to delete facebook group.

Step-4: Click Console in a new tab.

A brand-new window will open at the below when you click on Ctrl+ Shift+ J or F12 on your keyboard. On that tab discover the Console as pointed out above image and click on the Console.

Step-5: Paste the Code. Code link: click here.

Go to the code link pointed out above and copy the entire code. Now paste the code on Console tab as revealed in those picture and click get in button on your keyboard.
Now see eliminating is started. Now all members of your group will be eliminated immediately. It takes times to get rid of all group members however you don't have to do anything.

Now you are the only member of that facebook group. From Edit Settings option, make the group trick. After that click equipment icon next to your name and choose Get rid of as Admin.

Lastly, leave that Facebook Group and you are done. Your Facebook Group has actually been deleted effectively.

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