Hide Birthday Facebook

In Facebook anybody can understand about your profile, relationship status, where you work, your last business, where you located, about your buddies and so on. The majority of these thing you can conceal from the Privacy feature of your Facebook account, Hide Birthday Facebook.

But if you want to hide your Birth date in Facebook, then you will not discover any feature on Facebook privacy setting page to conceal your birth date or change your birth date. Today, in this article we will teach you the best ways to conceal your Birth date on Facebook and conceal your age from your Facebook followers or friends.

Hide Birthday Facebook

There are numerous factor when you desire to conceal your birth date on Facebook or wan to hide your age on your Facebook profile. At some point you do not wish to tell your age to your online good friends and a few of the Facebook users are not comfy with having your age published on Facebook.

As we mention above that you will now find any setting to hide your Age on Facebook Personal privacy settings Page. Just recently Facebook made a lot change on Facebook timeline and after these modifications they removed the Hide age setting from the Facebook privacy page. But you will do this quickly from your profile page. Now, let's get down to eliminating your age on Facebook.

What occurs after hiding birthday on Facebook?
As I mentioned above, you can conceal both birth date and year, or either of them. After hiding birth date, others can unable to understand your birth date, and they cannot send out desires to you by means of Facebook. Whereas, If you have hidden your birth year to others, then other might not able to know your age on Facebook.

And the another advantage of Facebook privacy function is that you can hide your birthday from whether public, specific good friend, a group of friends or all good friends and complete strangers. Let's see how to hide birthday on Facebook.

Using Computer

1. Log in to Facebook account utilizing your PC.
2. Browse to your Profile > About > Contact and basic information.

3. Go to "Basic Details" area, and click the Edit button beside the Birth Date or Birth Year.

4. When click the edit button, you will see a little two icons next to the Birth Date and Birth Year.

5. Click those icons and alter your privacy settings as you wish. (you can find meaning of those privacy settings icon listed below).

Description of Facebook privacy settings icons.

  • Public-- Everyone can see your stuff (Friends and Unidentified persons).

  • Pals-- Only friends can see your things (Strangers will not have the ability to see).

  • Just me-- Only you can see. In the other word, nobody able to see your things.

  • Customized-- You can pick a particular friend or a group of friends through customized -.
    settings, they can see your things.

Using Mobile (Android/iPhone, AND SO ON).

1. Open the Facebook app on your phone.
2. Tap menu button at the top right corner of the app.

3. Go to your profile by tapping on your name.

4. Tap "about" on your profile page and choose "More about you" button.

5. Go to the bottom of the page, and choose "modify" button beside "BASIC INFORMATION.".

6. Tap privacy settings icon beside "Birthday" and Birth year.

7. Modification your privacy settings as you want.

It is everything about Hide Birthday Facebook from buddies, somebody or everybody. You can utilize Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, PC or other devices to show/hide your birthday on FB. Hope this tutorial will work for those who want to conceal birthday in Facebook. If you have actually any inquiries related to this post, then leave a comment listed below.