How to Change My Age On Facebook

How To Change My Age On Facebook - Apparently people are stupid and can't figure out how to change their birthday on Facebook. On top of that, in some way they end up here to find out how. Dumb.

How To Change My Age On Facebook

If this is what brought you to my site, welcome. Here is a fast demonstration I like to call "Ways to alter your birthday on Facebook".

Step 1: Log into Facebook and click "modify" next to where it states Profile at the top of your screen.

Action 2: Change your birthday.

Step 3: Save your changes.

You can not change your year of birth after you sign up, so if you are desiring to pretend you are 18 or 21 when you are really 15 or 16 you are ill and you're out of luck. That goes for you creepy individuals that wish to pretend you are Ten Years younger also. Go to MySpace if you are going to do that, or contact Facebook Customer Support.

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