Restricted Friends On Facebook

Restricted Friends On Facebook | Managing who can send you messages is a great way to avoid Facebook fraud. This will not restrict friend requests from complete strangers, but it will stop unsolicited messages.

Restricted Friends On Facebook

1. Login to Facebook and go to the Account drop-down menu at the top of any Facebook page and select "Privacy Settings."

2. Select "View settings" in the "Fundamental Directory Info" section.

3. Modification the setting for "Send me messages." Your alternatives include Everybody, Buddies and Friends of Pals.

Just e-mails from individuals that fall within the message personal privacy setting you select will be provided to your Facebook Messages. For example, if you select the "Pals Just" setting, you will not receive messages from email addresses that are not validated to be among your buddies. Instead, those senders will get automatic bounce-back replies.

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