Turn Off Chat On Facebook

Turn Off Chat On Facebook, Disabling or turning Facebook chat off on android gadget is sometimes a little tricky for some individuals. This short article is about "how to shut off Facebook chat on android mobile whether you are utilizing Facebook messenger or utilizing FB chat without messenger.

Turn Off Chat On Facebook

Turn off FB chat on Android when you are not utilizing Facebook messenger:

1. Open the facebook android app on your android device and search the online chat list of FB buddies by touching the highlighted button as revealed in image.

2. Now open the setting by touching the setting icon from best leading corner as revealed in figure.

3. A popup will appear with on/off button, from here you can turn off FB chat on android.

4. If you want to turn on the FB chat again, simple press the turn off button.

Switch off FB chat on Facebook messenger on android mobile:.

Facebook messenger is extremely handy and helpful apps for facebook users, which provide some additional functions to FB voice and video calls. Turn chat off on FB messenger is pretty easy.

1. Open FB messenger and search the chat list then go to active FB friends. This make appear your very own contact where you can find on/off button. Press this button for shutting off FB chat.

2. You can turn on your FB chat on Facebook messenger by pressing once again exact same ON/OFF button on screen.

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