Unfollow On Facebook

Hi everybody! You automatically follow people who you're pals with. If you desire to Unfollow all good friends at once, this trick will certainly work for you. This technique works just on desktop view of Facebook, Unfollow On Facebook.

Unfollow On Facebook

Here are the steps to follow -

Action 1 From following navigation choices choose 'News Feed Preferences'

Action 2 Select Individuals under Feed Choice popup. Pals name will appear, scroll down to load all good friend names. You are presently following all pals as you can see in picture -.

Action 3 Right click mouse and choose 'Examine aspect' tool. Under this click 'Console'. Now paste following javascript code in it, and press Go into.

Action 4 Done! all your buddies will be Unfollowed within simply a few seconds as you can see -.

If you go through good friend list and unfollow selectively it will take far more time, but if you you wish to follow all friends once again then repeat the very same procedure it will take a couple of seconds. In similar method you can unfollow all groups and pages.

How it works?

Web browser follows the provided javascript's for loop and clicks all the follow button which are having very same class names. Such articles Unfollow On Facebook thanks for visiting can hopefully help you out.