Upload Video to Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular places where you can share images and videos with family and friends. Submitting video on facebook is really easy simply follow the following steps to Upload Video To Facebook.

Upload Video To Facebook

Part 1: The Best Ways To Publish Videos on Facebook from Computer system

If you are utilizing Facebook utilizing desktop and want to post a video from your computer, you have to first of all get your video onto the computer from your electronic camera.

The very best format to upload your video is in MP4, but different other formats are also supported. If you face a compatibility problem when publishing, Video Converter Genius can help you to fix it within seconds.

1. Open Facebook. Select Include Photo/Video in the Share bob at the top of your House page or Timeline.
2. Click Upload Photos/Video.

3. Select a video file from your computer.
4. Type any comment into the Say Something About This Video box. Select who can this video using Privacy menu.
5. Click "Post" and await your video to complete uploading.

Part 2: Ways To Add a Video to Facebook from Phone (iPhone/ Android).

If you have a habit of taping some videos utilizing your phones anytime, you might have to understand more about publishing video to Facebook from your phone.

1. Open Facebook app in your phone.
2. Tap "Picture" at the top of the screen. Your pictures and videos stored on your phone appear.
3. Choose the video you wish to publish and push "Done".
4. Type a caption or description about the video, add tags or area.
5. When you are done, tap Post in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Part 3: How to Post a YouTube Video on Facebook.

Publishing a video to YouTube and then sharing from YouTube to Facebook will significantly increase your video exposure and conserve a lot of time also. Then how can you attain that, the following is details.

1. Go to YouTube and discover a video on YouTube that you wish to share on Facebook.
2. Choose "Share this video" and click the Facebook "f" icon.

3. Click the Share link button to automatically publish the video and finish the procedure.
4. Open Facebook and check to see if your video has been published.

Thus the article Upload Video To Facebook from us, hopefully useful thank you.