How to Make My Facebook Profile Private

How To Make My Facebook Profile Private | Well as most of you know by now Facebook changed around last night how it deals with personal info. Those who were private are now finding they are not so private.

How To Make My Facebook Profile Private

Very first believe you have to do is see what your profile looks like to non pals. So how do you do that - easy. At the extremely top click Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile Information > then click the "Sneak peek My Profile" button

when you do that you can see what your profile looks like to others. It will appear like this:.

Now if you have certain settings that some see it one method and some another you can type their name in above and view how they see it (in the pink box above).

Ok when you see your profile you may see a whole lot of products showing. Here is how to change your personal privacy settings, first you require to click on the "settings" up top (top right) that is where all your settings will be. Here is a summary of exactly what you will see and where to find each setting.

Your fundamental settings (info) are found under "Account Settings".

Now if your seeking to chance who sees what then you really desire to go "Privacy Settings".

Now most of your Personal privacy settings will be here: Settings > Personal Privacy Settings > Profile Details (again this is also where you can see your profile how non buddies see it).

Now on my profile I do permit my "pages" to reveal (essentially the profiles I "fanned"). If you do not desire this or you wish to choose which ones show you can do that. Here is how you do that: Settings > Application Settings From there you have to go though every one and pick who you wish to see. Yes this can take some time. You can speed it up by clicking on the "X" and just eliminating them completely (face it some are most likely crap ones).

So any questions? Ensure you bookmark this page and examine back as I make certain we will discover brand-new methods to protect your profile. Mean while check out these other helpful facebook threads: FaceBook.

If that's all we can tell about How To Make My Facebook Profile Private I hope this article was helpful thank you.